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Origins of the name Shute

Alesia Shute
The mission of the Alesia Shute Foundation is to improve the lives of families facing childhood disease, both by making hospital stays more comfortable and by funding the research that will treat or eliminate childhood illnesses. Alesia Shute’s recount of her own battle and triumph over childhood cancer in her book, Everything’s Okay, was written to inform and encourage families struggling to survive through childhood illness.

David Shute
A game designer and animator from England who won the JayisGames Casual Gameplay Design Competition #6 with "Small Worlds".

Doctors Evan and Wilfrid Shute
These Canadian doctors were the first to champion the potential health benefits of Vitamin E.

Josias Shute
(also Josiah) (1588 - 1643) was an English churchman, for many years rector of St Mary Woolnoth in London, Archdeacon of Colchester and elected a member of the Westminster Assembly. From about June 1632 Shute acted as chaplain to the East India Company."

Kevin Shute
Kevin Shute has built the UK's first outdoor advertising tower powered solely by renewable energy.

Nevil Shute
Author Nevil Shute Norway was born on 17 January 1899 in Ealing, London. After attending the Dragon School and Shrewsbury School, he studied Engineering Science at Balliol College, Oxford. He worked as an aeronautical engineer and published his first novel, Marazan, in 1926. During the Second World War he joined the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve where he worked on developing secret weapons. His most celebrated novels include:
Pied Piper (1942)
No Highway (1948)
A Town Like Alice (1950)
On the Beach (1957).

Neville Shute Books

Frank Shute
I'm not sure what Frank does, but here is his web site.

Vince Shute
Thousands of people visit the Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary in Minnesota every year, to view and learn about black bears.

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