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A Class at Shute Primary School

Shute Primary School
  • In 1875 a School Board of 5 members was formed, with Seth Enticott as clerk to the board.
  • In 1876 a Board School was erected at Shute at a cost of about 1,600. It was to educate 127 children (mixed and infants).
  • Shute Community Primary School is now part of the Axe Beacon Federation, an organisation of four primary schools (Seaton, Shute, Colyton and Kilmington) with a Head of Teaching and Learning for each school plus an overall Executive Head.
  • Past and Present Teachers:
    1871 - 1871: Mrs Sarah Wakley.
    1878 - 1878: Mrs Bond.
    1878 - 1901: Mr Thomas Webster.
    1891 - 1901: Mrs. Charlotte Webster.
    1911 - 1911: Miss. Dorothy Webster.
    Date - Date: Mrs Florence Bramhall (Head Teacher).
    Date - Date: Mrs Elsie E Stentiford.
    Date - 2015: Mrs Amanda Graham (Head Teacher).
    2015 onwards: Mr Malcolm Bettison (Head of Teaching and Learning).

    The dates are only a rough guide.
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