- Shute Questions

A Village Production
Here is a photo of a church production, or maybe a school production, taken around 1957,
That is Mrs. Pedley in the centre. Can you name anyone else ?
Village Production

Uncle Jim
The first photo below has "Uncle Jim at Shute Bottom" wriiten on the back.
Do you know who he is ?
Uncle Jim at Shute Bottom

The van has "Ferris & Prescott, Drapers & Outfitters, Seaton & Sidmouth" on the side.
The three-wheeler has registration number DJ 6510.

Here is Uncle Jim again with some friends. Do you know them ?
Uncle Jim with friends

A Class at Shute Primary School
Here is a photo of a class at the school, taken around the 1920s maybe,
Do you recognise anyone ?
A Class at Shute Primary School

Jordan's Folly, Colcombe Lane, EX13 7QG
Who was Jordan ?
Why is it called Jordan's Folly ?

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